Turn tables faster and increase customer satisfaction with tableside ordering & payment.

With MobileBytes POS, your servers can input orders directly to the kitchen using an iPad or iPad Mini at the table. No need to waste time entering an order after writing it down. Your customers will be pleased with faster service, and you will turn more tables throughout the day. Even capture electronic signatures and tip amounts by processing transactions directly at the table.

  • Decrease your average table turn time
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster service
  • Display beautiful photos of your menu items to guests
  • Process transactions at the table
  • Decrease your paper costs

Save time and money with electronic signature capture!

With MobileBytes POS, servers can process paperless credit card transactions and capture customer signatures directly on your iPads. Receipts are emailed directly to customers eliminating the need for paper. Guests can even rate their experience from the signature capture screen with our simple feedback slider.

  • Decrease your average table turn time
  • Setup quick tip amounts
  • Allow simple customer feedback
  • Automatically email guests receipts

What is Conversational Ordering?

For example: The server asks the customer what size pizza they want, the customer engages and the communication process begins. The servers ability to inject more options with the iPad in hand is a powerful money making feature. Servers usually depend on memory, with the ipad in hand, the conversational ordering process helps add more dollars to the entire order. The servers likelihood to make costly mistakes when writing down orders on a piece of paper is extremely diminished. Many times, the order is not processed correctly, the manager has to discount the order and small handwritten errors become costly mistakes.