Original JV's Restaurant owner, George Dross next to current building.
14 Jan 2019

MobileBytes Spotlight: 71 Years of Family, Food, and Fun

JV’s Restaurant is a staple of the Falls Church and Fairfax County communities in Virginia. Originally established in 1947 by Greek resistance fighter and WWII prisoner-of-war, George Dross and his brother Louis, the family restaurant and live music venue has been teeming with high spirits and happy customers for over 70 years.

Daughter of George Dross and current owner of JV’s, Lorraine Campbell, describes the restaurant as a comfortable place with a Cheers-like atmosphere where friends go to spend time together over home-cooked meals and live music. And not much has changed, except for their point of sale system.

JV's Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia uses MobileBytes cloud POS

JV’s Restaurant in Falls Church, VA.

Campbell began her search for a new POS system when JV’s started renovating to make space for more guests. The restaurant had sported the same single cash register since its opening in the late 1940s, and Campbell knew it was slowing down business.

A loyal patron and frequent music performer of the restaurant, and co-owner of Essential Systems Solutions, Michael Tash, knew Campbell was looking to update her model of handwritten tickets and cash register as the restaurant began to expand.

“It bothered me for almost ten years that JV’s could be running so much more efficiently and making more money. As part of the expansion, they realized they needed a POS [system] to keep up with an increase in customers,” said Tash. “Though, persistence and my relationship with Lorraine is what helped win her over. I am a big believer that when we see a situation we can improve, we should never give up. ”

Once JV’s Restaurant made the switch to MobileBytes’ cloud-based system, the whole dynamic of the establishment changed.

“MobileBytes POS has saved me time and has made me more money by turning my tickets and my tables faster,” said Campbell. “And now I have more customers!”

JV's Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia uses MobileBytes cloud POS.

The lively bar at JV’s.

A small family business with high taxes and rent to consider, Campbell also needed to make sure every cent made was being properly recorded in the system. With MobileBytes, sales are tracked in real-time, allowing management to access data from any location with an internet connection.

“I want to know where my money is coming in, and where it is going,” said Campbell. “My daily sheet shows how much of each item has been sold, which is exactly what I’ve been needing.”

With attentive support from the team at ESS, Campbell and the rest of the JV’s team is in good hands. Always keeping in contact and informing Campbell of new features and updates in the system, Essential Systems Solutions has kept JV’s up-to-date since it’s installation in July 2017.

“MobileBytes POS helps businesses save money and make money,” said Tash. “Why wouldn’t I want to offer that to someone?”

Campbell’s determination to keep JV’s legacy alive has kept the restaurant going strong. And, with its recent expansion, new point of sale system, and frequent visits from their friends at ESS to keep them updated, JV’s looks like it has a bright future ahead.

“I just want to keep JV’s rockin’ and rollin’ as long as I can,” said Campbell. “I am grateful to have MobileBytes, and I have not looked back since [making the switch.]”

JV's Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia uses MobileBytes cloud POS from Essential Systems Solutions.

Tash and Campbell celebrating on the JV’s stage.

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