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07 Jan 2019

3 MobileBytes Features To Heat Up Your Pizzeria

Pizzerias are unique food venues, with complex pizza orders and expectation for fast service setting the bar high. Choosing the right point of sale system is no small task, and you want to make sure yours has all the functionalities to help you be the best in the business.

Managing whole toppings, half toppings, and endless combinations of ingredients (each with their own modifiers) makes pizza ordering one of the biggest challenges for a POS system. But, not to worry, MobileBytes cloud POS is equipped to manage the diverse needs of a pizzeria. Here are the top three MobileBytes features that will make all of that kitchen chaos a breeze:

Caller ID with order history

Surprise, surprise, pizzerias are hotspots for high-volume to-go orders. With calls coming in nonstop, there’s a lot of pressure to quickly and accurately put in orders and move on to the next customer.

Restaurant employee taking phone order using MobileBytes Caller ID feature.With MobileBytes’ Caller ID feature, it is easier than ever to manage back-to-back calls and a busy front-of-house. When a customer calls into your restaurant, your POS tablet will pull up the customer profile associated with the phone number, complete with saved addresses and past orders. This allows staff to quickly choose items from recent sales and automatically select a saved delivery address.

There’s no wasting time by reading back requests and double-checking addresses. All of those substitutes, add-ons, and modifiers are already saved, allowing for fast and efficient service. With MobileBytes Caller ID, you will significantly reduce phone call times and easily manage high caller volume. Your guests will be thrilled with the service, and your work environment will be relieved of stress.

Delivery Dispatch

Hand-in-hand with to-go orders is delivery. If you run a pizza place, there’s a big chance you deliver directly to your customers. A vital task to the success of an order, pizza delivery is easier than ever with MobileBytes Delivery Dispatch.

Driver using MobileBytes Delivery Dispatch feature from MobileBytes Cloud POS for restaurants.The Delivery Dispatch feature allows users to assign orders by dragging them directly to a driver’s name on the POS. Additionally, you can send your drivers text messages to update them with new or changing orders. With turn-by-turn directions and the ability to quickly add or remove drivers and view tickets sorted by drivers with ease, Delivery Dispatch is a pizzeria’s best friend.

Why waste precious time and risk sending incorrect orders to incorrect addresses? From starting a ticket all the way to delivery, the Delivery Dispatch feature helps in-house staff and drivers quickly navigate hot meals from the oven to their correct locations.


Points, points, points! Everybody wants points! Whether it’s for 20 percent off their next purchase or a free liter of soda, customers love a loyalty program with rewards.

MobileBytes Loyalty feature on the MobileBytes POS for restaurants Guest App.If your restaurant uses MobileBytes POS and has enabled the Loyalty feature, your venue is automatically uploaded into the MobileBytes Guest App, allowing guests to use their smartphones to order, pay, and gain points toward rewards.

Every time a customer scans the QR code located on the bottom of his or her receipt, points begin to accumulate, eventually turning into rewards. Customers can rank as bronze, silver or gold, depending on how much they spend, and higher ranking means more valuable rewards!

You already have great food and an appealing atmosphere. Now all you need to do is get your customers coming back for more. By implementing a loyalty program, you will entice your guests into spending as much as they can to get that gold ranking and valuable points. And, the more gold, the better, right?

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