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31 Dec 2018

Restaurant Resolutions for 2019

The clock is ticking as we get closer to the new year. The exciting start of 2019 is just a day away, and all of us at MobileBytes are excited to see what the next 12 months have in store.

Fresh starts, exciting changes, and New Year’s resolutions all come with the changing of the calendar, and most of us are deciding what differences we are going to make in our lives. Some plan to ditch bad habits while others will start practicing good ones. But, in the restaurant industry, New Year’s resolutions are a little different.

Restaurant resolutions in 2019 are focusing more on the customer: what can we do to improve the guest’s experience? It’s no longer just about delicious food and excellent customer service but creating unique atmospheres and adding amenities that change the way guests interact with restaurants. Here are our top three restaurant resolutions for 2019:

Get connected

We live in a digital age, but many businesses are not yet hopping on board the e-train. Why? Maybe it’s intimidating, a lot of work to take on, or perhaps it doesn’t seem like a priority. But, it is. Getting connected and building a digital presence in 2019 is one of the most significant ways to not only attract more customers but to start making a name for your business that is accessible to everyone. 

Person connecting to social media for their restaurant resolution 2019

These days, guests who dine out are almost always connected to their phones. They Google restaurants close by, read (and leave) reviews, and post about their dining experiences all over social media. Do you like the idea of free marketing? Well, if you have a social media account your customers can tag, then there’s a free ad in your favor every time your guests take to Twitter or Instagram.

Take a few simple steps to set up your social media accounts so your customers can engage with your restaurant. Connect with them by posting photos, updates, upcoming events, news, and any deals you might be having, and your digital presence will build itself!

Refresh your operations

Think of it as spring cleaning, but for your restaurant’s operations. It’s easy to get into certain habits when running a restaurant, but not all practices are good ones. The new year is a time to reevaluate and reestablish your restaurant’s operational needs.

Person making list of operational changes needed for their restaurant

Make a list of common problems you experience and think of ways to solve them. Do you need more staff? Additional seating? A modernized point of sale system? Identify what specific things you need to change for your business to be more successful.

It’s not the most exciting resolution, but refreshing your operations to meet your current situation will result in higher profitability in the new year. So, get started! What do you need to update to be more successful?


Get the tech

One of the most important resolutions your restaurant can make for the coming year is to prioritize your technology. Depending on what kind of system your restaurant has, you might be missing out on features that make life easier for your servers and your guests.

MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants display

Taking the time to research and invest in a new and improved point of sale system is one of the most significant changes you can make to your restaurant. MobileBytes’ cloud POS for restaurants is one that takes the guest’s experience into consideration. Designed to make wait times shorter and service more efficient, MobileByes is the POS system of 2019.

Being a part of this digital age, it is important not to get lost in the shuffle. Upgrading to a modern, cloud-based system will not only make work easier, customers happier, and revenue higher, but it will be the best restaurant resolution of the new year.

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