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04 Dec 2018

MobileBytes: The Key to Kiosk Success

Self-service technology is evolving rapidly. Driven by a shrinking labor force, ubiquitous Internet connectivity and falling technology costs, restaurants are increasingly looking to self-service kiosks as an essential component of their customer service strategy. From quick ordering from history to automatic loyalty rewards, kiosks are capable of providing an improved experience for restaurant guests.

According to a recent article by Conor Morris with QSR Magazine, big names like Taco Bell have gone full-force, with plans to install kiosks into all of their locations by the end of 2019. While it’s clear the kiosk craze is catching on, some smaller restaurant operators view kiosks as too expensive when third-party hardware, software, integration, and maintenance costs are considered.

MobileBytes Self-Order Kiosk software runs on Apple iPad tablets, rather than expensive OEM workstations and uses the same cloud-hosted data as the MobileBytes POS system, making setup and menu maintenance a breeze. This makes installing kiosks a simple, quick and affordable way to modernize your business while increasing efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Still on the fence? Take a look at some of the advantages of adding MobileBytes self-order kiosks:

Better Accuracy

With kiosks, ordering mistakes are minimized since guests take full control and responsibility for their orders. With fewer errors, the number of refunds and comps are reduced, adding to overall revenue.

Increased Capacity

In addition to the decrease in comps and refunds, kiosks provide restaurants the capacity to serve more guests during peak periods. More customers translate to higher sales and profit, something most every restaurant could use.

Improved Service Times

No one likes waiting in line. However, long wait times for quick-service and fast-casual restaurants are significantly reduced with MobileBytes kiosks. There’s no need to stand behind an indecisive person holding up the line, as our intuitive and user-friendly software allows guests to quickly place an order as soon as they are ready.

Lower Labor Cost

Kiosks cost just pennies per hour and don’t need breaks. While some customers prefer human interaction when placing an order, forcing this workflow on guests who would rather do it themselves is an unnecessary expense. Giving guests the option to order through a kiosk is just another way to improve the guest experience.

Better Labor Allocation

When you implement self-serve kiosks into your restaurant, employees can focus more attention on delivering the highest quality food in the cleanest environment. Let the technology do its thing and encourage the staff to remain attentive and proactive in providing excellent customer service, something we all want when dining out.

MobileBytes is making simple yet powerful kiosk ordering available to counter service restaurants of any size. If your restaurant is looking for a way to become a player in the kiosk game, you’ve come to the right place.


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