Yoshi's Fresh Asian Grill in Phoenix uses MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants.
19 Dec 2018

MobileBytes Spotlight: One, two, three, Yoshi’s!

The MobileBytes team recently celebrated the fifth anniversary since our first go-live at Yoshi’s Fresh Asian Grill, and the popular Japanese restaurant is coincidentally revving up to open a third location at the end of 2018. Talk about perfect timing!

Originally from Nagano, Japan, owner Yoshi Natori established his Arizona-based restaurant in 1989. Yoshi’s Fresh Asian Grill on 24th Street & Indian School was the first of its kind.

“I got the idea to open Yoshi’s when I was working at another Japanese restaurant,” said Natori. “I suddenly realized I could do better.”

And, he did. With original teriyaki sauce made daily, fresh chicken and vegetables, and a combination of sushi and noodle dishes, Yoshi’s Japanese fast food restaurant was an exciting addition to the Phoenix food scene. The only thing left was to find the right point of sale system.

A quick service restaurant with a high volume of customers, Natori needed a POS system that could simplify a busy work environment. In 2013, just when he was ready to trade in his old cash registers for a modernized system, Natori discovered MobileBytes.

“I could tell the team at MobileBytes was trustworthy, and they were very excited to start their new business,” said Natori. “That was important to me.”

On December 4th, 2013, Yoshi’s Fresh Asian Grill in Phoenix went live with the MobileBytes cloud-based POS and kitchen display system. It took a couple weeks of testing and fixing connectivity issues to get everything just right, but the installation was a success.

Yoshi's Fresh Asian Grill in Phoenix utilizes MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants.

Yoshi’s employee using MobileBytes POS. Photo via Yoshi’s Gallery.

“Working with the MobileBytes software and Apple iPads instead of the old cash registers we used to have is so much simpler,” said Natori. “If I ever have a problem or question, the MobileBytes staff always responds quickly.”

Since the initial installation, Yoshi’s has continued to be a beta site for MobileBytes products. In addition to the Yoshi’s on 24th Street and Indian School, Natori has a second restaurant on Central Avenue and will be opening a third on Cactus and Cave Creek at the end of the year, all three of which will be using MobileBytes.

Walking into Yoshi’s, customers immediately notice the colorful banners for Skip the Line, Online Ordering, Rewards, and the many other features Yoshi’s has enabled as more MobileBytes features have been released.

Natori notes the increase in online orders he has received since enrolling in the MobileBytes Online Ordering program. With so many people returning for more fast and healthy food, the ability to serve more customers quickly and efficiently through online orders is one of the most significant ways MobileBytes has influenced the way Yoshi’s operates.

“I want to continue opening a few more stores,” said Yoshi. “And with the great staff and point of sale system from MobileBytes, I feel very safe and comfortable doing just that.”

To learn more about Yoshi’s Fresh Asian Grill, visit yoshisonline.com.

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