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10 Dec 2018

Celebrating the Holidays with MobileBytes

Celebrating the holiday season is something most people look forward to all year. We decorate our houses, throw office holiday parties, and spend time with friends and family. For restaurants, the holidays provide opportunities to execute creative ideas, try new things, and bring in more customers. And who doesn’t want more customers?!

With December offering time off from school and work for the many holidays of the season, an increase in customers and marketing possibilities in the restaurant industry is to be expected. Looking for a few festive ideas that will help bring extra holiday traffic to your restaurant? Check out how some locations using MobileBytes POS are celebrating the holidays for a little inspiration!


Holiday specials

Creating a special holiday treat for your guests is one the best ways to celebrate the season. Customers love customized drinks, limited-time offers, and seasonal desserts that make them feel like they are in a winter wonderland. Adding a tasty holiday special to your menu during the holiday season will not only have customers intrigued but will make work a more festive place to be!

One restaurant in New York City using MobileBytes POS from authorized reseller, Cervion Systems, has created an entire collection of holiday-inspired cocktails. The Late Late, a 1960’s Irish residence-style bar situated in the Lower East Side of New York City, is well known for its unique atmosphere and an extensive selection of Irish whiskeys. With a handful of specialty drinks to choose from, customers should have no trouble finding which drinks are naughty and which are nice!



If your restaurant is feeling adventurous, try coming up with your own holiday special! Play around with peppermint, gingerbread, maple, chocolate, cinnamon, and all of the other winter flavors to create something unique to your brand. Share it on social media to get your customers’ mouths watering, and they’ll be rushing in from the cold in no time!


Have a contest

Contests make everything interesting. What better way to get customers engaged with your restaurant than with some friendly competition and exciting prizes!

Burger Bach, a restaurant with five locations spanning across Virginia and North Carolina, uses MobileBytes from reseller Cutting Edge Systems Inc. The New Zealand inspired gastropub are engaging with their guests over Instagram with a tacky sweater contest. Customers are encouraged to suit up in their best holiday-wear, visit any of the participating locations, and take a photo in front of a decorative backdrop. After following the Burger Bach Instagram page, posting the photo, and adding a simple hashtag, the customer is automatically entered to win a $25 gift card.  



Starting a unique contest of your own is a great way to bring in customers throughout the holiday season, and you can get super creative with contest ideas. Try a costume contest, sweater contest, painting contest, recipe contest, or any kind of competition you think will interest and engage your customers. The more intriguing the game, the more players will come to play (and pay) at your restaurant.


Gift cards!

A classic way to increase customer count during the holiday season is to introduce gift cards! A sure way to bring in more revenue, gift cards are simple gifts anyone can give and everyone appreciates, especially during the holidays!

Dan’s Restaurant and Taphouse with MobileBytes from reseller Essential Systems Solutions came up with a festive way to advertise their gift cards. By including an image of the gift card sitting in a Christmas tree, Dan’s brings the holidays to life in a single image. Plus, they got extra festive in their caption with a catchy rhyme: “What’s a better way than to spread cheer with great food and awesome beer?!”


Implementing a gift card program in your restaurant is a great way to gain new customers and celebrate existing ones. Plus, MobileBytes offers eGift, making the already simple process of purchasing a gift card even more appealing. With just a few clicks in the MobileBytes app or your online ordering site, your guests can send friends and family a gift card to your restaurant from anywhere at any time.


Be the host with the most

If your restaurant is looking for ways to gain extra business this month, consider booking spaces to host holiday parties. Welcoming guests and their friends and family will not only fill your restaurant with holiday cheer but will draw in big crowds and more revenue.

Maple Grove, Minnesota restaurant, Maple Tavern, with MobileBytes from authorized reseller, Electronic Performance Systems, is one that has opened its doors up for holiday festivities. A well-known spot for its great food and lively entertainment, there’s no better place to gather friends and families to celebrate the season. Maple Tavern offers a newly-renovated space with frequent events like bingo, live music performances, volleyball, and more. When looking for a fun place to host a party, Maple Tavern is a place to be!


If your restaurant has the available space to cater to large groups of people, consider advertising to your customers that you are available for events! Guests that love your food and atmosphere will jump at the idea to host their holiday dinner parties with you. The more, the merrier, right?!


The season of giving

In addition to the fun parties and holiday cocktails, the holiday season is a time for giving. During times that are meant to be full of happiness, one meaningful way your restaurant can celebrate the holidays is to give back to your community and help spread holiday cheer.

A restaurant with MobileBytes from authorized reseller, Spark Solutions Group, is celebrating the season by partnering with non-profit organization, Children and the Earth. Guadalahonky’s, a popular Mexican restaurant in Draper, Utah, has put up a Giving Tree decorated with handmade ornaments to help raise money for children struggling with life-threatening illnesses. By putting up their Giving Tree, Guadalahonky’s is helping make a difference in many people’s lives this holiday season.



If your restaurant is looking for ways to make a difference during the holidays, consider partnering with local non-profits or charities associated with causes your company is passionate about. Need some ideas? Check out 2018’s Best Charities For Holiday Giving for a list of some top-rated charities in the United States.

Inventing holiday specials, implementing contests, introducing gift cards, hosting parties, and giving back to the community are just a handful of ways your restaurant can celebrate the season. A time of year that brings a multitude of celebratory opportunities, the holidays are when your restaurant can let loose, engage with customers and liven the work environment for staff. The holiday season is a special time of year, so enjoy!

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