Thanksgiving turkeys dressed as pilgrims.
19 Nov 2018

Thanksgiving Festivities Bring Business Opportunities

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, food is on everyone’s mind. Family and friends are flying in to visit, dinner plans are being made, and guest lists (as well as the grocery lists) are multiplying.

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, and despite what many people may think, it’s a big day for the restaurant industry. Not all families decide to stay home for the holiday, and those who do have been known to include dishes from restaurants or catering companies in their Thanksgiving dinners.

According to the National Restaurant Association, nine percent of adults planned to celebrate Thanksgiving at a restaurant last year. So how can your restaurant ensure a healthy traffic flow in 2018? Well, we have a few ideas that will get those hungry customers lining up at your door.


Thanksgiving specials

Almost every family has a signature dish that is served during the holidays. Whether it’s a secret pumpkin pie recipe passed down for generations, a special gravy drizzled over mashed potatoes or a quirky turkey entrée, we all know that family favorite that makes its appearance on Thanksgiving day.

One way your restaurant can join in on the fun is to create your own signature special. Make something up from scratch and give it a fun name or put your twist on a traditional Thanksgiving favorite. Everyone loves annual traditions, and when customers see you’re starting your own, they’ll be lining up to try it.

By the time the next year rolls around, your loyal customers will be eagerly awaiting your Thanksgiving dish. As the years go on, you can even add more to the menu, building up to your restaurant’s own personalized Thanksgiving feast.


Offer holiday delivery

Although many people decide to celebrate Thanksgiving from home, not everyone wants to cook an entire meal, let alone try their luck at roasting a turkey. So, consider offering delivery services for those who want to skip the hassle!

Last year, more than one in 10 people who celebrated Thanksgiving at home planned to have parts of or their entire meal supplied by a restaurant. With these statistics, it’s safe to say offering holiday delivery services in 2018 is a great way to keep business booming.

Providing Thanksgiving dishes doesn’t mean you have to alter your menu in any way, either. Sure, you could add some stuffing or a casserole to the list of selections, but those who order from your restaurant already love your food and want it on their table for Thanksgiving. Offer your menu options for pick-up or delivery and your dishes will be the best part of the holiday meal!


Don’t forget Black Friday

Ah, Black Friday. The great follow-up to a day of feasting, the day after Thanksgiving is a busy day for retailers and restaurants around the country. People wake up in the wee hours of the morning to stand in line and shop ‘till they drop, but all that waiting and shopping takes a lot of fuel.

Those who are out and about on the biggest shopping day of the year are not only going to be searching for promotions at popular retail stores but at their favorite restaurants, too. Coming up with a Black Friday deal for your guests is a great way to appeal to those hungry bargain-hunters. Big promotions will result in big crowds on the one day a year people are practically itching to spend money from dawn ‘till dusk.

To appeal to all of those early bird shoppers, you can even consider opening your doors before your regular hours. The earlier you can provide service to tired and hungry customers looking for an energy boost, the more revenue you can bring in.


Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Although it’s essential to bring in business throughout the holidays, we have to remember the reason for the season. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and spend time with loved ones, so make time to celebrate, and have a happy Thanksgiving, yourself!


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