The Proper Burger, Proper Brewing, and Avenues Proper logos side-by-side.
05 Nov 2018

MobileBytes Spotlight: Choosing the “Proper” POS system

When three Salt Lake City-based sister restaurants Proper Burger Co., Proper Brewing Co., and Avenues Proper needed a new point of sale system, MobileBytes authorized reseller, Spark Solutions Group, had the perfect solution.

Now with MobileBytes POS installed in each location, the three concepts are prime examples of why MobileBytes is the go-to system for businesses with multiple locations and large employee counts.

Before deciding to install MobileBytes, the Proper locations were looking for a system that would provide real-time reporting and data they needed to make production decisions, as well as one that would help manage their 80 plus employees.

After discovering MobileBytes’ key features had everything they needed, including the ability to hold open a bar tab even after the credit card has been returned to its owner, the Proper management team didn’t hesitate to make the switch.

“Being able to hold open a tab is better for our guests and for us,” said Human Resources Director and Office Manager Jenny Porter. “Guests’ information is protected, and they don’t have to worry about remembering to pick up their credit card at the end of the night. Plus we are able to ensure we get paid.”

MobileBytes’ cloud-based system allows access to real-time data at any time from any mobile device, perfect for Proper Brewing Co. and Avenues Proper, both of which have an extensive list of beer selections. Proper management can identify which beers are selling the best and adjust production accordingly, which helps maximize sales and profit.

With locations that house 20 beer options, including 12-18 on tap, seven bottled options, and several local guest beers, Proper management can now use their cloud-based system to make changes to the drink menu at the brewery or gastropub without being physically on site.

In addition to the cloud management feature, Porter highlights the importance of managing Proper’s large employee count with ease.

“We have 65 employees who need to clock in and out every day,” said Porter. “As the HR Director, it’s important for me to know who each employee is. Photo check-in with color coding for employees from each of the different [locations] makes it easy for me to keep track of staffing with a quick glance.”

A growing restaurant group, Proper will be launching a new cafe and bistro, Stratford Proper, on Stratford Avenue in Salt Lake City. Stratford Proper will be opening their doors in December 2018 and they have already decided to work with Spark Solutions Group and use MobileBytes as their point of sale solution.

A unique collection of restaurants, Proper Burger Co., Proper Brewing Co., Avenues Proper, and now Stratford Proper are four concepts in Salt Lake City that exhibited the real need for a reliable POS system. As a restaurant group with a growing employee base and the need for real-time reporting, MobileBytes is proud to be their POS solution and “Proper” system.

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