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23 Oct 2018

MobileBytes Makes Working the Holidays a Piece of Cake

With so much to do and so little time, a typical day in the table service business is often hectic. Long hours of seating, cooking, serving, cleaning, and repeating has the potential to create a stressful environment, and the upcoming holiday season won’t make it any easier, unless you’re prepared.

People celebrating the holidays often choose to dine out with family and friends, and the season of large parties, crowded dining rooms, and drunk uncles is quickly approaching. If your restaurant has survived a holiday season before, you know anything can go wrong and it’s crucial to be ready for an increase in traffic.

Luckily, MobileBytes thinks ahead. As a company that was created to solve problems before they occur, MobileBytes POS is precisely what you need to not only survive the holidays but thrive.

Here are the top 3 (of many) ways MobileBytes makes working the holiday season easier than ever:


Host Waitlist

The host stand is one of the most important areas of the restaurant. It’s the first point of contact where customers get a sense of what kind of establishment they are about to be dining in. The guests’ first impressions determine the rest of their dining experience, so having a modern and effective system is crucial.

If a customer walks into your restaurant and sees a swarm of people huddled around the host stand complaining about wait times, that’s not a great introduction. With MobileBytes Host Waitlist, seating big parties and managing a large crowd is simple and organized.

Add guests and send texts to their mobile phones when their tables are ready to avoid a crowded space. Assigning tables is a breeze, allowing you to drag and drop guests to their tables on a sleek tablet instead of continually erasing and re-drawing updates on a dining room layout board.

With a user-friendly waitlist system, restaurant organization, table assignments, and guest management are easier than ever. Guests will notice the efficient restaurant operations and leave with smiles on their faces and big tips on their tables.


Cloud Management

MobileBytes is a cloud-based point of sale system, meaning you can manage your restaurant and access your data anytime, anywhere, with our easy-to-use, mobile responsive website. With any computer, tablet device, or smartphone, you can get deep insight into your restaurant’s financial and operational performance.

How does this affect your business during the holiday season? Managing your restaurant from a cloud-based system means you can work from home, your in-law’s living room, or a cozy cabin getaway. As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to your entire restaurant.

No need to worry about being stuck in the back office all day and night when you’d rather be home. Instead, you can do the work from your comfy couch while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Sounds nice, right?


Who needs Internet when you have MobileBytes

During the dining rush, things get a little hectic. With so many guests to take care of, there’s a lot of data to input into the system. Drink orders, special requests, and payments all go through the same server, so having a reliable POS is imperative to running a successful business.

Having a system that runs efficiently means having a constant connection to the internet, which for many owners, is a constant worry. However, with MobileBytes, there’s no need to dread a scenario where your internet crashes.

If internet connection is lost, MobileBytes terminals will continue to communicate with each other over your restaurant’s internal network until connectivity is restored. You can successfully take and send orders to the kitchen, process credit cards, receive cash payments, and print customer receipts without worry. Once the internet connection is back up, all transaction data is automatically updated and synced with your cloud server.

During the holiday season, the last thing you want to worry about is losing service and all of your data. Halting business to reconnect means losing customers and with those customers, revenue. With MobileBytes, there’s no need to worry. During the busiest time of year, losing a secure connection is one thing you won’t have to stress about.



Although we only listed the top 3 ways MobileBytes makes working the holidays more manageable, there are many other features that help businesses run smoothly during the busiest time of year. Advanced check-splitting, electronic signature capture, Scan-to-Pay, and tableside ordering are just a few additional features included in MobileBytes’ cloud POS system for restaurants.

The holidays are a big deal for the restaurant industry. With MobileBytes POS, you won’t have to worry about what problems you might run into during the rush. Instead, you’ll be able to manage your restaurant from any location, have confidence that your operations are organized and efficient, and have peace of mind that your data is secure.

Among other things, the holidays are the times we look forward to. Enjoy yourself and be free of worry. With MobileBytes POS, running your restaurant is a piece of cake!

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