People looking at funny tweets about restaurants.
08 Oct 2018

10 Tweets That Prove Restaurants Are Comedy Gold Mines

The restaurant life is one like no other. Long hours of running plates, waiting tables, and cleaning spills all come with the job description. However, it’s the little things that keep us going.

People don’t often realize the hilarious moments that occur in restaurants, but lucky for us, Twitter exists and people love to tweet about their unusually entertaining experiences.

Here are 10 tweets that prove restaurants are the best places to have a good laugh:


Tweet describing how a server looks after working in restaurant all night.



Tweet describing how long it takes people to order at a restaurant.



Tweet describing funny story by server at a restaurant.



Tweet describing joke by bartender at a restaurant.



Tweet describing an interaction between two servers at restaurant.



Tweet describing situation when manager stands up for server at restaurant.



Tweet describing dream where server's manager asks her to come into restaurant.



Tweet of restaurant concealing their B health rating as "Brunch."



Tweet describing a waiter guilting customers into not using straws.



Tweet describing a waitress grating cheese and filling restaurant with parmesan.

If you have any unusual/funny/entertaining restaurant experiences of your own you’d like to share, tweet us at @mobilebytes. We’d love to hear your stories and maybe feature them in a future blog post!

We know restaurants are gold mines for comedic content, now it’s time to show the world entertaining the food and beverage industry can be!

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