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19 Oct 2018

Make Your Restaurant The Go-To Destination

The hospitality game has shifted in the last decade. Restaurants are now making names for themselves off out-of-the-box ideas and guest engagement. It’s no longer just about the food, but the experience provided for the customers.

Restaurants that have an enticing atmosphere with entertainment and unique menu items are magnets for food lovers looking for a change of pace. So, how can you make yours the go-to destination? We took a look at some MobileBytes locations for ideas to make your restaurant stand out among the rest. Here are a few creative ways our merchants have become favored destinations:


Find your brand and stick to it

One bakery in Leavenworth, Washington using MobileBytes POS from authorized reseller, Spark Solutions Group, has mastered the art of branding. The Gingerbread Factory is not just named so because of the delicious treats they make, but because of it’s fun, authentic gingerbread house style.

Opened in 1988, the Gingerbread Factory has since become a must-see destination for tourists and locals alike who come through the small town in the Cascade Mountains.

Dedicated to its gingerbread theme, the not-so-ordinary bakery takes full advantage of its creative environment. They even have a bakery mascot, a gingerbread man, who takes all the credit for their delicious gingerbread cookies!

MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants location, The Gingerbread Factory in Leavenworth, WA. .    MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants location, The Gingerbread Factory in Leavenworth, WA 2.

If your venue is looking for ways to attract guests, identify your unique qualities and embrace them! Customers love themed eateries that take them to another world. Getting creative and stepping outside the standard restaurant archetype can be challenging, but so worthwhile when you see the smiles it brings to the faces of those that drop in.


Let the games begin

LiterBoard, a Knoxville, Tennesee restaurant and bar with MobileBytes from reseller, Postec, has tapped into heir guests’ competitive sides to create an addicting environment people can’t stop coming back to. If you want to be the go-to spot for a good time, take a page out of LiterBoard’s playbook.

A bar with cold beers, good food, and a whole lot of entertainment, LiterBoard has it all. Karaoke, shuffleboard, retro arcade machines and cornhole are just a few of the fun activities offered to guests. There’s something for everyone!

A fan favorite among visitors is LiterBoard trivia nights. Patrons come from all over town to show off their skills and dominate at the various themed trivia competitions. There are even prizes for the top three teams, so let the games begin!

MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants location, LiterBoard, in Knoxville, Tennessee.      MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants location, LiterBoard, in Knoxville, Tennessee 2.

If you want your restaurant to stand out, consider adding a few games of your own for guests to enjoy with friends. If they’re having a good time, they’re likely to stay longer and return for more in the future. Good food and unlimited gaming is the perfect recipe for becoming a go-to destination.


Treat ALL of your customers

Recently, there has been an increase in establishments that cater not only to humans but our furry friends, as well. Starbucks has the puppuccino, In-n-Out offers a pup patty, and Boulevard of Greens in Fort Worth, Texas, has the bark bowl for any four-legged guests.

A unique restaurant with MobileBytes POS from reseller, Triphen Technologies, Boulevard of Greens serves 100% plant-based, cold-pressed juice, superfood smoothies and bowls, and have all of their customers covered.

People love their dogs and the opportunity to take them on a day out is a big attraction for diners. Boulevard of Greens has created a space people want to visit with their unique, healthy menu and delicious bark bowls, which have become a popular attraction!

MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants location, Boulevard of Greens in Fort Worth, TX.  .    MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants location, Boulevard of Greens in Fort Worth, TX 2.

Many places don’t allow animals, let alone serve them, but if your business is a dog-friendly place, make it a destination pet owners want to visit! Offer a treat for any furry friends that might stop in, and your restaurant will become the place everyone wants to go with their pups!


Environment is everything

We live in a very image-focused world. With Pinterest, Instagram, and basically every other social media platform getting more popular by the day, restaurants with picturesque environments tend to attract photo-loving guests. MobileBytes reseller, Cervion Systems, installed MobileBytes POS in Ellington in the Park, a unique venue that takes advantage of its natural environment in New York City.

With stringed lights, an open patio, and a vintage-style outside bar, Ellington in the Park considers itself a hidden treasure. In addition to its appealing dining decor, the restaurant is situated along the beach of the Hudson River, which has spots for beach volleyball, soccer, and softball.

Styling your restaurant to be photogenic doesn’t always mean investing in neon signs and custom-made accessories. Keeping things simple with an open, unique space attracts guests looking to enjoy the beauty of life.

MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants location, Ellington in the Park in New York, New York. .    MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants location, Ellington in the Park in New York, New York 2.

Creating an appealing space for people to enjoy themselves is a simple way to bring in guests. Take the time to add a few simple details such as string lights, or an outdoor patio to take in the sights of the town. If your restaurant has an enjoyable environment, you’ll surely become a must-see destination for those hungry photo lovers.

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