Flag of Arizona filled with different foods.
17 Sep 2018

Explore Arizona’s finest foods during Arizona Restaurant Week

A home to so many different cultures, Arizona is the sweet spot for discovering delicious foods and trying new dining experiences. The wide array of cuisine offered throughout the region is so abundant, it can be hard to keep track of the unique dining options Arizona has to offer.

Mediterranean restaurants, Thai, Mexican, BBQ, Brazilian, Japanese, Italian; the list goes on and on. With so many options, it might seem impossible to try all of the fantastic foods of Arizona. However, twice a year, Arizona Restaurant Week provides 10 full days of dining exploration.

From Sept. 21 – 30, participating local restaurants in the central and southern parts of Arizona give diners the opportunity to enjoy a prix-fixe dinner for $33 or $44 per person.

According to their website, Arizona Restaurant week is meant to raise awareness about the many dining choices in Arizona and build the state’s reputation as a culinary destination for residents and visitors. In turn, Arizona Restaurant week is meant to increase revenue and build business for local restaurants.

As a company that loves finding new, exciting restaurants, MobileBytes is very excited about Arizona Restaurant Week. Restaurants across the state get the opportunity to promote their businesses and gain new customers while food-lovers have the chance to experience new dining spots at a flat rate. It’s a win-win!

One restaurant participating in the upcoming food extravaganza is Mother Bunch Brewing in Downtown Phoenix. A location using MobileBytes POS from one of our authorized resellers, NexTouch, Mother Bunch Brewing is offering American cuisine with vegetarian and gluten-free options, with beverages included in their $44/couple price.

We are thrilled to have a restaurant using MobileBytes participating in such a unique event, and can’t wait to see what comes from 10 full days of culinary exploration. If you are a restaurant owner looking to participate in next year’s Arizona Restaurant Week or someone who is just dying to try one of the 100+ restaurants participating in the upcoming week, visit Arizona Restaurant Week’s main page.

And if you happen to visit Mother Bunch Brewing in Downtown Phoenix, be sure to try one of their various original brews. A Phoenix hotspot for hand-crafted and local beers, Mother Bunch is the place to check out as you explore the incredible foods of Arizona.

Happy eating!

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