Happy server using MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants.
27 Aug 2018

Three ways to boost morale (and your sales)

MobileBytes knows the restaurant industry. It’s exciting, creative, and rewarding. It’s fast-paced and new every single day, but all ups have their downs.

Working long hours on your feet and continuously serving guests can be draining. Everyone needs a pick-me-up every once in a while. Here are three ways to get out of a funk and back into the groove:

Switch things up

Part of the appeal of the restaurant business is its unpredictability: no guest is the same and every day is an adventure. Sometimes a customer spills a drink and some days land you a surprise big tip. Whatever the case may be, you never know what’s going to happen after clocking in.

Morale starts to decrease when work gets repetitive. Serving the same dishes to the same tables while a single playlist loops in the background is boring. So, switch things up!

Add a new recipe to the menu or get some upbeat jams to pump everyone up. Start a daily ritual of having a high-energy staff meeting or introducing an innovative contest. Get creative, share ideas, and make work a fun place to be.

Add new tech

Who doesn’t love new tech?!  

Integrating a cloud-based POS system like MobileBytes makes the work of servers and restaurant owners virtually effortless. MobileBytes integrates every feature you need in one app. Online ordering, skip the line, scan to pay, tableside ordering, and customer rewards are just a few components provided by MobileBytes POS.

Customers love it! It makes ordering meals more engaging than ever before. For employees who are tired of the same old system, MobileBytes POS makes life easier and improves efficiency. Happy servers make happy customers, and that means more money!

Positivity and Rewards

Maintaining a positive work environment is crucial to keeping up employee morale. Productivity will cease if negativity is circulating through the team. Keep up good spirits with compliments, acknowledgments, and rewards.

Rewarding staff for a job well done instills the feeling of success, generates loyalty and helps improve work ethic. The celebration of milestones, birthdays, and excellent service are ways to make employees feel respected and unique.

Work is something we all have to do, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel like work. With an enjoyable environment, positive leadership, contemporary software, and appreciation, every restaurant can boost morale and increase sales.

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