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31 Aug 2018

Take the “labor” out of Labor Day

Tomorrow is finally the first day of September — the month when school is back in session, the weather starts cooling down, and hard work is recognized with a national holiday.

One particular day in September is just around the corner — Labor Day. We work hard all year, but Labor day is one of the few days some of us can sit back and relax. However, for us to enjoy a vacation day, the food and beverage industry continues to work hard.

If you are in the hospitality business and working this Labor Day, thank you! Serving customers can be tough work, but here are some ways to take the “labor” out of Labor Day:



First things first, Labor Day is a holiday. Just because you might have to work the busy shift doesn’t mean you can’t still find ways to celebrate and make work an enjoyable place to be.

The whole point of Labor Day is to celebrate hard workers and to take time to relax. So if your business can’t go on vacation, bring the vacation to your business! A simple change in decor can shift the mood from work to relaxation. Hang up string lights or lanterns, place colorful centerpieces on tables, or hang posters on the wall with a beach view.

Although it’s not the same as actually laying out in the sand, a change in environment can make working this holiday a lot more enjoyable.



Holidays are the perfect time to experiment with entertainment, and pretty much anything is fair game.

Labor Day is a family holiday, so not only are parents off work, but the kids are out of school. To appeal to all audiences, consider bringing in live music, host a talent or game show, or go crazy with an all-you-can-sing karaoke night.

Bringing in live entertainment not only serves as a way to appeal to your guests but also makes work a lively and enjoyable place to be for staff.


Have fun!

With colorful decorations and live entertainment, the main thing to remember while working this holiday is to have FUN! There are so many ways to attract guests and simultaneously lighten the load on staff members.

If your restaurant has space, bringing in games is an exciting treat for guests and servers. Skeeball, darts, and foosball are all rentable games to temporarily install in your restaurant for the special occasion. Cornhole, ping-pong, and Jenga are other fan-favorites to be considered. If games aren’t your style, trivia night, raffle prizes, or photobooths are other unique ways to engage guests with staff for the holiday.

If the success rate of any of these new activities is high, you could even consider making them permanent additions to the establishment for an increase in guest loyalty and revenue. Who said having fun at work was impossible? With activities to break up time and engage customers, it’s easy!


Happy Labor Day!

All in all, Labor Day is a day for the American worker. Whether you have the day off from work or school or you’re picking up an extra shift, it is a day everyone can celebrate. By adding decorations, entertainment, and activities, the holiday can be enjoyable for guests and staff, making everyone feel like they’re on vacation.

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