Person taking instagram photo with iPhone for their restaurant.
20 Aug 2018

Beef up your restaurant’s Instagram (pun intended)

In the media-dominated world we live in, it’s important not to get lost in cyberspace. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just a few of the many social media platforms used to promote businesses worldwide. Instagram is a big one, providing restaurants with an outlet for posting colorful photos to attract customers and maintain a popular image.

With so many media accounts out there, it can be difficult to make yours stand out. So, here are some ways to beef up your restaurant’s Instagram:


When some people think of Instagram, they think it’s just a place to post photos. Although this is true, there are components to the social media app that provide ways to advertise and showcase your business.

Yes, posting pictures is the main idea, but to take advantage of everything Instagram has to offer, take a look at each feature and explore new ways to promote your business’s uniqueness.

Boomerangs, polls, live videos, and new gif stickers are fun, creative features that allow you to advertise your bar, restaurant, food truck, or cafe in a whimsical way. Even simple content can be made intriguing with a little extra pizzazz, so explore the app to see what suits you best!

Add variety

Managing a business page on Instagram is tough work. You always have to think of witty captions and find the next photo that will attract guests and followers. Once you discover something that works, you run the risk of getting repetitive. Try to steer clear of only posting pictures of dishes and be careful not to overdo the filters —  add some variety to your page by mixing it up!

Throw in a funny picture of your staff or a screenshot of a great review. Spice up your photo collection and draw attention with your new look. You can even use a different filter on each photo or crop your pics into crazy shapes — a star or heart, perhaps?

There are tons of photo editing applications that allow you to take full advantage of your creativity and produce the perfect masterpiece for your business’s Instagram: Font Candy, Flickr, and PicsArt are just a few available to get you started.


The oldest trick in the social media book? Hashtags. In the past, people used hashtags because it was the thing to do. The little pound signs crowded Instagram captions with words attached to them like glue. It got annoying, and eventually, the trend died down.

However, hashtags are making a fierce comeback. Strategically placed hashtags are a subtle way to make a statement. Hashtags interspersed within the text, as opposed to crammed after the caption, are much more readable.

Choose your hashtags wisely, but be careful not to overwhelm your followers. Keep them short and to-the-point. #FrozenYogurt, #ChicagoPizza, and #Downtown are simple hashtags that make a clear statement. You draw attention to your page, your followers understand the message, and your brand grows.

So, get started and beef up your restaurant’s Instagram! Explore your resources, experiment with variety, and embrace the #hashtag.

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