MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants merging with antique cash register.
30 Jul 2018

What is POS and how it will improve your restaurant

Hearing the buzz about Point-of-Sale? Everyone wants in on the super competitive hospitality industry: entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, servers, investors — everyone wants to make a profit.

With considerable competition, finding ways to be the best is essential if you want to succeed. The most important thing when running a restaurant, bar, food truck, or any hospitality business, is ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers. One effective way to achieve this is to enter the world of cloud-based Point-of-Sale (POS).

What is POS? Let us introduce you:

POS is a system that manages transactions and business operations, making it the most important tool when running a business. Making a profit is important right? Right! Using a quality POS system is crucial to managing a successful company and increasing revenue.

A combination of software and hardware, a POS system is both the cash register and computer, keeping track of sales and data. There have been many forms of POS over the years, but the most modern is the cloud-based POS system.

Cloud-based POS is software developed to work on multiple types of hardware, including tablets and iPads. The software stores data on a remote server as opposed to locally, allowing access to real-time information like sales and inventory data.

Additionally, a cloud-based POS for restaurants eliminates old-fashioned order-taking: on pads of paper and running to deliver them to the kitchen. With modern POS, orders are taken, stored in the system, sent to the kitchen, and processed through one piece of technology. With this upgrade, life for servers is more simple, and restaurant operations are more efficient.

It’s probably safe to assume most restaurant guests dislike waiting for service, receiving incorrect orders, and dealing with payment errors. Installing a cloud-based POS helps avoid these issues, making dining experiences more enjoyable for staff and guests. And, a happy customer is a returning customer!

Whether your interest is in restaurants, bars, or food trucks, upgrading to a cloud-based POS will modernize your business. Get ready to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales. Kick back and let the system do its thing.

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