Collage of power words.
23 Jul 2018

MobileBytes introduces the Power Word of the Week

Get ready, because we’re shaking things up at MobileBytes!

As a company that values innovation and growth, we’re introducing a new series on social media. For the rest of 2018, MobileBytes will choose a different power word each week and share it on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

What is a Power Word of the Week? Words are one of the sharpest tools available to humankind. The ability to communicate and inspire each other makes us unique. “Revolutionary,” “captivate” and “accomplish” are powerful words that elicit emotions and have an effect on the way humans behave.

When we share our power word, we will show you how MobileBytes embodies it and how you can, too. We hope you will become motivated to reach for new heights and expand horizons with us.

At MobileBytes, we thrive on innovation and positivity, and we want to share that with you. Keep your eye out for the Power Word of the Week and get ready to feel empowered with MobileBytes!

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