Valentine's Day setting in restaurant.
09 Feb 2018

Five Tips to Increase Sales on Valentine’s Day

More than 25 percent of Americans plan to eat out this Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s the second busiest day of the year for restaurants across the United States.

Follow these five tips to lure more guests to your restaurant for Valentine’s Day than ever before.

1. Make dinner an experience. More than 80 percent of Americans say they would prefer an experience rather than a gift for Valentine’s Day. Capitalize on that desire by coming up with an out of the ordinary theme, hosting a special event, or providing a cooking or tasting class.

2. Create a week-long event. Who says you can only celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14? Provide Valentine’s specials and deals for the entire week to stretch out your sales bump.

3. Market to your regulars. According to the National Restaurant Association, 42 percent of diners choose their favorite restaurant, or their companion’s favorite restaurant, for dinner on Valentine’s Day. Use social media, email and text messaging campaigns to make sure your loyal customers know about your Valentine’s menu.

4. Don’t forget families and singles. After all, Valentine’s Day isn’t only for lovers. Consider creating a family section at your restaurant for the night or host a special event for singles to feel the love on Valentine’s Day.

5. Offer takeout. Target the 75 percent of Americans who plan to eat at home this Valentine’s Day by offering great takeout or delivery. The more festive the takeout items, the more popular they seem to be. Consider creating a heart shaped pizza, sushi roll or other menu item to give customers a fun meal with which to celebrate.

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