MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants New Year 2018.
24 Jan 2018

Top Five Restaurant Resolutions in 2018

The average American household spends more than $3,000 per year dining out. How can your restaurant ensure it gets the most from your customers’ dining budget?

Try the following five resolutions to help your restaurant drive revenue and save money in 2018.

1. Offer Online Ordering.

One of the fastest ways to increase revenue is to offer customers another way to order from your restaurant. According to, online ordering is growing 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic. Which means, if you’re not giving customers a way to order online or from their mobile device, you are missing out on sales. MobileBytes users receive online ordering as part of their suite of POS features. Ask your reseller how to get started.

2. Improve your digital presence.

Take new photos of your best menu items and use them to refresh your website and social media feeds. Then, take a few minutes to review your website. Make sure all of the information is current and that the layout is easy to navigate. With more people coming to your website to order online, you want to make sure you have a quality website to represent your brand.

3. Create a meaningful loyalty program.

According to one study, consumers estimate they would visit a restaurant with a loyalty rewards program 35 percent more often than a restaurant without loyalty rewards. If you’re a MobileBytes user, a guest engagement app that includes a loyalty rewards program is already included in your suite of features.

4. Remove underperforming items from your menu.

Too many options can leave guests feeling overwhelmed and less happy with their ultimate choice. Experts recommend limiting each food category to no more than seven options. Do you need to pare down your menu? Track item sales and remove the least popular items from your menu.

5. Manage staff more effectively.

Are your staff members arriving, and leaving, on time? Are you paying employees for only the time they are actually at work? With MobileBytes, employees clock in and out directly through the POS system. The system even captures a photo for verification. Which gives you more control over your staffing and eliminates the issue of employees clocking in or out for each other.

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