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29 Nov 2017

Talking POS with

The shift from traditional, on-site server based PC systems to mobile, cloud-based tablet systems has been one of the biggest developments in Point of Sale (POS) technology.

I recently sat down to chat with Jaime Oikle, founder of, a comprehensive website filled with marketing, operations and service tips to help restaurant owners succeed. We discussed the shift to cloud-based POS systems. We also talked about new developments in the POS industry and how these developments will impact the future of restaurants.

Some of the most important questions we discussed were:

What should a restaurant expect from its POS system?

The short answer: Cloud-based POS systems have a lot of capabilities that restaurants should now expect from their system. These include operational insights through remote management tools, fail-safe features like offline mode and enterprise management. In addition, customer facing options available through your POS system should include online ordering and loyalty programs. And, you should never settle for less than exceptional technical support.

How does MobileBytes help restaurants improve their speed of service?

The short answer: MobileBytes provides several POS features that help reduce touches and kitchen confusion regardless of service type. Table service restaurants can greatly increase table turns by using iPad minis for table side ordering and payment.Counter service restaurants can use our caller ID feature, beacon technology, and quick service screen features that let them place orders faster and more accurately.

How has MobileBytes built loyalty into its system?

The short answer: One of the unique features of the MobileBytes loyalty program is that it allows the merchant to collect customer info organically during normal operations. This helps keep service speed up, and also lets the customer participate without being bombarded with loyalty signup advertising. The customer doesn’t have to do anything besides spend money in a merchant location and either provide a phone number or scan a code on their receipt to enroll and earn points.

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