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26 Oct 2017

Four Easy Ways to Increase Revenue at Your Pizzeria

Halloween has surpassed Super Bowl Sunday as the busiest pizzeria day of the year. As you ramp up your pizza operation for Tuesday night’s festivities, you’re probably wishing you could sustain the increased sales throughout the year.
While Halloween only happens once each year, you may be able to increase sales every night with these four tips.
1. Launch Online Ordering. Give your customers an easy way to order without having to call your pizzeria. Online pizza ordering is expected to overtake phone ordering in the next two years, according to the Pizza Power 2017 State of the Industry Report.. If you already have MobileBytes, online ordering is included with your suite of features and can be turned on at the touch of a button.
2. Upsell, upsell, upsell. According to Pizza Marketplace, most pizza shops can easily generate an extra $7,000 – $37,000 per year, just from upselling. On the phone, ask if the customer would like breadsticks, soda or another popular item with their pizza before you finish the order. Likewise, If you create pizza combo menu items, your online ordering platform will recommend items to customers before they complete and pay for their order.
3. Provide Delivery. Delivery is a $30 billion per year business, but it has the potential to grow into about $210 billion per year, according to a 2016 Morgan Stanley study study. If you’re not already providing delivery services, it’s time to consider your options. Third parties like DoorDash or UberEats can handle delivery for you for a fee. Or, you can utilize the MobileBytes POS Delivery Dispatch system to make delivery easier to implement on your own. Delivery Dispatch enables you to quickly add and remove delivery drivers and text drivers the delivery address with a link to turn by turn directions.
4. Introduce Loyalty Rewards. According to the National Restaurant Association, 50 percent of restaurant customers use their smartphones for rewards or special deals occasionally. You can create a loyalty rewards program with a third party, or if you’re a MobileBytes user, a guest engagement app that includes loyalty rewards is included in your suite of features.
To learn more about how MobileBytes could help your pizzeria increase revenue, request a demo or call 480.351.8800.