Crazy Jim's uses MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants.
02 Oct 2017

Crazy Jim’s: Increasing Customer Satisfaction

The Challenge

Scratch cooking, fresh ingredients, and homemade pita bread make Mediterranean restaurant Crazy Jim’s a neighborhood favorite in Phoenix. The 19 table restaurant has been serving the community in the same location for the past 30 years.
Owner Claudia Aguirre began searching for a new point of sale (POS) system several years ago but did not like the high price associated with the legacy systems she found.

The Solution

When Aguirre discovered she could get all of the features she wanted from MobileBytes with minimal initial cost, she was sold.
Aguirre’s favorite feature of MobileBytes? The time savings.
“Payroll used to take me four hours,” says Aguirre. “Now I can do it in an hour or less. And, they keep updating the system to make it easier and quicker.”
The in-depth reporting tools and cloud-based system also give Aguirre the flexibility to manage her restaurant from anywhere at any time.
In addition, Crazy Jim’s uses iPads with the MobileBytes tableside ordering feature to input orders directly to the kitchen. Waitstaff can also process paperless credit card transactions and capture signatures right at the table with the iPad.
“I feel like we can give better customer service because of MobileBytes,” says Aguirre. “We use online ordering so we no longer have employees tied up on the phones. We use iPads to do tableside ordering and payment, so our servers no longer have to wait to input orders or run payments at the wired station. MobileBytes has significantly cut down the time it takes us to do our jobs.”
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