Spark Solutions Group collage with MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants.
15 Sep 2017

Revenue for the Reseller: Spark Solutions Group

As a second generation owner of Spark Solutions Group, point of sale has been part of my life since childhood. My dad established the reseller business in 1974 and we have since served more than 1,000 restaurants in multiple states.
When point of sale (POS) for iPad systems began entering the market, I knew we needed to find the best option for our clients. We researched many different POS for iPad systems and tried one or two, but when we found MobileBytes, I was sold almost immediately.

Why MobileBytes?

The system is full-featured, very stable, affordable and able to handle even the busiest restaurants and bars. Features like mobile iPads, online ordering, Skip-the-Line, gift cards, and loyalty programs give merchants the best tools on the market to help improve and promote sales at their restaurants.
We’ve seen many of our clients save money and increase revenue by using MobileBytes tools. In fact, one of our clients has even seen drive-thru revenue increase by 30 percent without impacting in-store sales by using an iPad for line busting.

Supporting the Reseller

In addition, MobileBytes has the most responsive team I’ve worked with in the industry. They are quick to evaluate requests from merchants and reseller and are constantly upgrading their system to add new features. With MobileBytes being in the cloud, those features are released to users with a simple update of the app. It’s so easy to manage, I can’t get my clients to move away from legacy systems like Micros and Aloha and switched over to MobileBytes fast enough.
Plus, we’ve found the revenue share between MobileBytes and the reseller to be the best POS margin on the market, bar none. And, because MobileBytes is only available through the reseller channel, merchants receive a high-quality product and local service while keeping MobileBytes focused on the features.
As a reseller and business owner, I recommend MobileBytes without hesitation. It’s the best way to bring our customers the software they need and provide long-term value and equity to our company.
Jason Cowan is the president and co-owner of Spark Solutions Group. Based in Salt Lake City, Spark Solutions Group provides services to Utah, San Diego, Idaho, and Washington.
If you are a reseller interested in representing MobileBytes in your local market, request a demo.