MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants API.
25 Sep 2017

MobileBytes API

MobileBytes is proud to officially release our Application Programming Interface (API), designed to provide third-party integrators direct access to our data.
We collect, process, and store large volumes of POS data every day. We use this data to provide valuable business intelligence to ourselves, our resellers, and merchant customers. Data can also be used by third parties to enhance business operations for our merchants.

Who would use the API?

Here’s an example of a specific use case:
MobileBytes doesn’t build hardware to monitor the flow of drinks through taps. We do, however, keep detailed information about the sale of every menu item. Information like who sold the item, to whom it was sold, what quantity was sold, and the exact timestamp of the sale. A third party in the business of providing flow monitoring hardware could use our sales data to provide bar managers a detailed comparison of drinks sold to drinks used. By analyzing flow data and sales data, the merchant can now be made aware of opportunities to save money by implementing better operational control.
There are many other common use cases for POS data. Scheduling companies can compare scheduled time punches to actual time punches. Grocery providers can automate ordering & replenishment based on actual sales. Security companies can overlay tickets on top of video feeds.
Developers use our API differently to satisfy their requirements in each of these scenarios and many more.

Getting started

Our RESTful API allows automated access to POS data in real-time. Authorized third-party developers can embed calls to our API from inside their software. Because MobileBytes POS is cloud-based, there’s no complicated location setup or network configuration required. Integrators can access setup, sales, menu, and labor data using simple web calls. Testing the API with sample data is easy and doesn’t require a login.
Need API access to POS data? Contact us so we can get you started.