MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants Skip the Line feature on Guest App.
21 Aug 2017

Skip-the-Line Provides Mobile Payment for Counter Service Restaurants

MobileBytes is introducing a second mobile payment option to its suite of features. Skip-the-Line is designed specifically for counter service restaurants with a goal of helping restaurant owners and their customers reduce wait times.
A National Restaurant Association study found that nearly 40 percent of customers would use a mobile payment in a restaurant if the service was available.

How does Skip-the-Line work?

Skip-the-Line is designed specifically to help counter service restaurants reduce wait times for their customers.
The technology is based on a simple truth. Nearly every guest who walks into your restaurant doesn’t want to wait in a line and has an iPhone or Android device in their pocket.
With the right software, those phones can detect the presence of a restaurant iBeacon and immediately notify the restaurant of a guest’s arrival. This gives the restaurant POS the opportunity to send the customer’s phone a customized welcome greeting.
In addition to the greeting, restaurants can use Skip-the-Line to automatically provide their entire menu, along with the guest’s personal order history, directly to the customer’s phone. This gives the guest an opportunity to easily and immediately re-order a favorite meal, exactly the way they like it, in a matter of seconds. And, they don’t have to stand in line or speak with anyone.
We founded MobileBytes on the idea that restaurant guests should be able to play a bigger part in their own buying experience. Skip-the-Line gives your customers that opportunity by making ordering a meal simple, quick and entirely customizable.

Paying through Skip-the-Line

Skip-the-Line even goes a step further, providing customers with the opportunity to pay for their meal directly through the app on their phone.
To protect guests and restaurants, we don’t store credit card data in the Skip-the-Line app. Instead, encrypted tokens are used to make guests’ card data secure. This allows restaurant customers to reuse their credit card for future transactions without needing to re-enter their card number each time.

Linking to loyalty programs

And, the entire system seamlessly links with your restaurant’s loyalty program. Which means customers can earn points automatically, without needing to scan a receipt or enter additional information.
Learn more about the mobile payment options provided by MobileBytes in this Mobile Payments Today article. Or, see the technology in action by requesting a demo today.