Yucca Tap Room uses MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants.
31 Jul 2017

Yucca Tap Room: Bar Ordering Made Easy

The Challenge

Known for its daily performances by a wide range of bands, the Yucca Tap Room has hosted musicians ranging from Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, to the Gin Blossoms, to Lars Frederiksen from Rancid and thousands more. The bar has been serving up live music and liquor for the past 42 years.
Beyond being one of the nation’s best places to play and hear live music, the Yucca Tap Room has an adjacent craft beer and premium whiskey lounge next door to the main bar.
To meet the bar’s growing needs, General Manager Sean Downing went looking for a modern point of sale (POS) system that provided an easy way for guests who were wandering between the two rooms to seamlessly order in either area. He also wanted a system that could grow with the bar as they begin to dabble in food sales.

The Solution

Downing chose MobileBytes as his new POS system because of its cloud-based, remote reporting that would reduce his administrative time and the amount of work for his CPA.
“Apples for apples, MobileBytes beats other cloud-based POS systems on nearly every feature,” says Downing. “And it’s much easier, faster and more mainstream than the system we were using before.”
MobileBytes allows bartenders at the Yucca Tap Room to pull up a customer’s tab by last name, no matter what area of the bar or which room they are ordering from. Handheld tablets also allow bartenders to take orders and process payments from multiple locations throughout the bar without the need for additional fixed stations.
In addition to being easy for his bartenders to use, Downing appreciates how MobileBytes simplifies the backend management and accounting. He accesses the system’s dashboard to check on sales and his bartenders’ performance on a daily basis.
Downing especially appreciates how much easier it is to track down and correct human error.
“My CPA loves me for switching to MobileBytes,” says Downing.
Most importantly the system helps his staff create a better customer experience for guests at the Yucca Tap Room. Customers especially like the ability to purchase gift cards that has been made possible, and affordable, through the MobileBytes system.
“Switching to MobileBytes from the outdated, legacy system we were using was like going from a Yugo to a Ferrari,” says Downing.
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