Uncle Sam's restaurant uses MobileBytes cloud POS.
23 Jun 2017

Uncle Sam’s: Discovering New Sources of Revenue

The Challenge

Family favorite restaurant Uncle Sam’s has specialized in east coast style pizza and sandwiches for the past 38 years. With two locations in Phoenix and Peoria, Arizona, owner Brett Frimmel was ready for a more modern point of sale system.

Frimmel wanted a POS system that was cloud-based and could provide mobile access, online ordering and other features necessary for a thriving, busy restaurant. Uncle Sam’s needed a system that could handle well over 1,000 tickets per day between its two locations.

The Solution

Initially, Frimmel was attracted to MobileBytes flexibility and cloud-based reporting. But after only a month, he has been blown away by MobileBytes online ordering system.

“The online ordering system is phenomenal,” says Frimmel. “The way it ties directly into our POS system has been really helpful.”

For most restaurants, setting up the MobileBytes online ordering tool takes only a few minutes. The feature gives customers the ability to order from anywhere with a mobile-friendly interface styled to fit the individual restaurant’s brand.

Uncle Sam’s has received more than 115 orders in its first month of offering customers the ability to order online.

“I’ve had a website for 20 years, but it never made me any money. It has always been just a necessary expense,” says Frimmel. “Now, my website is generating revenue.”

Online ordering is included in the MobileBytes suite of features at no additional cost. You can learn more about the most recent updates to our online ordering platform here.

Could online ordering through MobileBytes be the revenue stream you’ve been looking for? Request a demo today.