Cafe Jose uses MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants.
30 Jun 2017

Cafe José: Using Tracking to Increase Profits

The Challenge

Nestled in the tourist-filled red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, Cafe José has served breakfast, lunch and dinner to area locals for the past 15 years. The high volume diner, which caters to area residents, has been voted Best Home Cooking nine years in a row and regularly receives local awards for Best Family Dining, Best Breakfast and Friendliest Wait Staff, among others.

In addition to Cafe José, owners Efren and Debbie Santa Cruz own two other restaurant concepts in the Sedona area, New York Bakery & Deli and The Golden Goose American Grill.

While they had a point of sale (POS) system for their Golden Goose concept, Efren and Debbie wanted a better system with a lower implementation cost for their other two concepts that were still using all handwritten tickets.

The Solution

Efren and Debbie were sold on MobileBytes from the time their reseller, Copperstate Restaurant Technologies, showed them its capabilities. The ease of use, types of reporting available, ability to access information from any internet connected device and the opportunity to use iPads to take orders tableside appealed to the couple from their first demo of the tool.

Using the MobileBytes system has helped Efren and Debbie save time and money.

“The biggest costs in any restaurant are labor and food,” says Debbie. “MobileBytes has allowed us to be more effective in how we schedule labor, making our restaurant more profitable.”

MobileBytes has a robust timekeeping and employee management tool that provides an employee time clock built right into the POS system. Employees can clock in and out for shifts from within the app with a photo taken for proof of authenticity.

Debbie is now able to track which employees are on time and which ones are habitually late, something she can’t always do in person because she is split between three different restaurants. And, she’s only paying employees for time they are actually at work, versus paying for full shifts when employees were actually late or left early.

MobileBytes reporting tools have also allowed Debbie to see which menu items are top sellers and which items should be replaced with something more enticing for customers. Since implementing the POS system, Efren and Debbie have been able to fine tune their menu offerings to be more in line with what their customers want to order.

Finally, using MobileBytes has made it easier for employees to get orders right the first time. The system prompts servers with every question the kitchen might need to fill an order. Do you want your eggs scrambled or over easy; wheat toast or white; bacon or sausage? The prompts make it easy for new wait staff still learning the menu or for a hostess who takes occasional to-go orders.

“Using iPads to take orders at the table makes us seem like a more modern restaurant,” says Debbie. “Plus, I can move staff between our concepts when necessary. They can do the job without training because MobileBytes makes it so simple.”

Could MobileBytes help you better control labor costs and reduce training time? Request a demo today.

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