Rock Springs Cafe in Arizona uses MobileBytes cloud POS for restaurants.
14 Apr 2017

Rock Springs Café: Joining the Cloud

The Challenge

Established in 1918, Rock Springs Café is the oldest continuously running restaurant in Arizona. The full-service café, located along Interstate 17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff, sells more pie than any other single location in the state.

A restaurant that serves 450,000 guests and sells 100,000 pies in the course of one year cannot afford for its POS to be out of service. That’s why owner Augie Perry knew he needed a new system that would cut the down time he was currently experiencing with his legacy, server-based system.

The Solution

Perry was initially intrigued by MobileBytes cloud-based system because it would eliminate the legacy back office computers and servers he was struggling to keep consistently running.

“My staff was constantly complaining that the POS server would crash and they would have to reboot the system,” says Perry. “We’ve had MobileBytes for a year now, and the complaints have disappeared.”

While his staff appreciates that the system rarely, if ever, has downtime, Perry is most excited about its remote access and tracking features.

The cloud-based operating system means Perry can access deep insights into the financial and operational performance of Rock Springs Café from any computer, tablet device or smartphone.

“It’s critical to understand what’s happening at your restaurant,” says Perry, who has been in the industry for nearly 40 years. “MobileBytes lets me track sales activity and labor throughout the day so I’m able to catch issues before they cost me money.”

For Perry, who owns two different restaurant concepts located about an hour away from each other, remote access is especially important. The ability to access reports from anywhere allows Perry to easily manage both restaurants at all times, even when he’s not physically at that location.

“I would recommend MobileBytes to another restaurateur easily and without hesitation,” said Perry.

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