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07 Jan 2016

MobileBytes Coconino: New Year, New Look, New Capabilities

MobileBytes is pleased to announce the release of Coconino, the third major revision of our backend admin website for MobileBytes POS. We are proud of our Arizona home and named our release after Coconino County, the largest Arizona county, second largest county in the United States, and home to some of the coolest places on earth including the Grand Canyon, the town of Sedona, and the Lowell Observatory.

This is our largest revision and a complete rewrite of our administrator user interface. We knew that in order to create the best experience for our customers, both small and large, there had to be major improvements to the frontend page layout and visual design as well as the backend infrastructure that powers our site.

Building on the ideas of Google’s material design that we previously implemented in our online ordering solution, we set out to develop a consistent visual language with the user interface and experience. Coconino has layers of depth in its functionality, so we convey that through the use of color contrast, shadows, and proper spacing across all platforms and screen sizes. The site was developed with a mobile-first approach to ensure that users can properly manage their business from anywhere, while maintaining a simple and powerful desktop experience.

Beyond the visual design, Coconino makes the management and maintenance of MB POS faster and easier. The largest and most important change involves the concept of an account level menu. An account can now share a single menu among multiple locations, yet maintain flexibility with location level exceptions for pricing and availability.

Adding a new location to an account is easier than ever. We added the ability to copy the entire setup from another location on the same account, leaving the user only to modify the differences between locations. In our beta testing phase of Coconino, one of our current customers was able to create a new restaurant location and go live the same day. Along with this, we have added the ability to duplicate any menu object. This allows for very quick additions of new menu items, ingredients, modifiers, etc.

Perhaps our favorite part of Coconino is its backward compatibility with MobileBytes POS. There were no changes required to our iPad POS app to support the new site. Existing MobileBytes POS versions will be able to utilize the power of Coconino’s enhancements to menu management and business intelligence without requiring an App Store upgrade. Any new versions of MobileBytes POS will be able to leverage Coconino’s powerful new features.

As a platform, Coconino will allow MobileBytes to develop and enhance enterprise business intelligence across multiple locations, ultimately simplifying tasks for account managers and administrators.

With all that said, say hello to MobileBytes Admin Version 3.0, Coconino. We hope you enjoy!