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21 Aug 2015

Welcome to our Blog

We recently changed the underlying technology of our company web site. Our previous site used a framework which was designed to allow anyone to quickly and easily create a quality web site without the need for a designer to have training or knowledge of web technologies such as HTML and CSS. This was great because we were able to focus on design and post a version of the site after only a few days of layout work. The down side of this approach was that we were very limited on what we were able to actually do. Our site looked great but didn’t perform very well. It was too slow to load, especially in tablet browsers. As an iPad POS app provider, this was a limitation we just couldn’t live with. It also lacked the ability to quickly create and post blog articles. Our company has always tried to be open and transparent with our users and resellers and therefore needed a better communication tool for our outbound messaging.

We decided to take on the task of migrating to a different web development platform which has much more flexibility but requires a little coding to accomplish some tasks. This platform allows for the quick creation of blog posts like the one you are reading now. We plan to frequently post articles of interest to our users and resellers. We’ll mostly focus on cool features we have in our products and how they can be used to help the restaurant industry work more efficiently while making the user’s job a little easier.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing more soon.

MobileBytes services are available for sale through our network of independent local resellers, some of the finest resellers in the industry. We firmly believe an important technology purchase like a POS system should be made in the context of a long term partnership with the software developer, the reseller, and the restaurant all contributing their combined expertise to achieve the most successful outcome.